Learning Support

  • Learning Support

  • Our Learning Support Department works with classroom teachers and parents to support children with special needs’ development. If your child has special needs, this process will begin immediately upon enrollment, including Individual Education Plans and meetings. 

  • As children progress through the Primary School, special needs may begin to become more apparent. In these cases, classroom teachers will liase with parents regarding their concerns, and then with the SEN department. 

  • Services available to students with special needs are: withdrawal SEN lessons, push-in lessons, and formal monitoring services, individual education plans (IEPs). 

  • Supporting students with gaps or with skill development

  • Sometimes, students may have missed key skills or find areas more challenging. To help students catch up, Class Teachers may work with the SEN department to set up booster lessons. This typically involves a small group of students being withdrawn at appropriate times.

  • Supporting gifted and able students

  • Amongst all curriculum subjects, lessons are differentiated to include provisions for gifted and able students. Class Teachers may also, working with parents, set up special tasks, projects, and/or curriculum tracks for gifted students.

  • If a child is formally identified as gifted (identified with formal educational assessments by a certified educational psychologist), they are eligible for SEN withdrawal lessons.

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