What is STEAM

STEAM education is inquiry based, and follows well researched pedagogy and best practice related to the Constructivist theory of knowledge. 

In essence, this means our STEAM programme supports students in building on their prior experiences and knowledge and to construct their own understanding of the world around them.  

STEAM is a way of focusing learning on thinking. By combining knowledge gained through experience and open minded observations with skills, research tells us that we are better able to make a deep conceptual understanding of the world around us. This knowledge and understanding is continually growing and redefining itself; for that reason, our program and methodologies need to offer our learners not only key skills in language and numeracy and knowledge of the world, but time to research, investigate and then reflect on it.  

STEAM is a form of student centred learning. Our learners are provided with a point of interest to inquire about and multiple ways to represent their thinking about it.  They also have the opportunity to explore their own areas of interest and imprint their own personal learning journey on their learning pathway. This is most evident in our projects in which the process learners work through is as important as the products they make. 

STEAM is community based. Steam education supports the need for both independent and collaborative work, and values how we learn to work and interact with each other. A strong community is vital in creating the learning environment; students need to feel safe to take risks, experiment and innovate. It helps students find answers to the questions they have about the world around them and empowers them to try new things and explore new ideas.

STEAM is all about gaining awareness, not only of the world but about the people. Because of how we work in the classrooms and through our learning discussion, our students are encouraged and taught to be reflective and to gain an understanding of who they are, and how they learn. Through this awareness, students get the chance to explore what it means to be in control of their own learning and emotions. It is empowering, and every students’ voice is heard.

STEAM is a celebration of learning. Recognizing how we learn and what to do to learn more effectively and enjoyably is key in STEAM.  The STEAM approach motivates students to want to learn more and we celebrate that alongside each success by showcasing and exhibiting both the learning journey students take and the products they make.

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