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As a school based in the heart of the city, we maximise the use of the areas in our campus to provide both indoor and outdoor learning spaces.

We are conveniently located with easy access to major road networks, yet despite this we are sheltered from the traffic and the campus maintains a calm environment surrounded by plants and greenery.

We have learning spaces designated to meet the needs of each age and stage of development of the students, as well as meeting spaces designed to support collaboration and communication amongst the adults in our community too.

Primary Areas


These are our main learning areas for our students and each age level has its own space.  The homerooms for each year group are placed on a specific floor of the campus, to allow for the year groups in the same Key Stage to interact with each other on both projects and socially.

Project Rooms

These are designed as spaces for group work, and ongoing long term projects. Students are able to complete construction projects, use the space as discussion spaces, use the interactive smartboards, and record the direction their projects are taking. 

Art Room

This is open to our primary students and is used for lessons as well as for Genius Hour time where students can work on their own interest based projects. This space allows students opportunities to explore different techniques and materials as they create their individual masterpieces.

Science Lab

Designed to meet the needs of the Cambridge Curriculum learning objectives as well as support scientific rigour, our students use this space to carry out experiments.  It has its own equipment and safety features as well as large lab tables.

Music Room

This room is the hub of all our performances. Together with the Music teacher, our students learn the value of performance, learn instruments, sing together and develop a love for music and sharing their talents.

Multi-Use Room/Hall

This space is used for assemblies, and indoor PE lessons. It is also where we hold our events such as our Winter Show, Talent shows and exhibitions, and special information presentations for larger groups.


The students enjoy a nutritious meal provided by the school during their lunch time. The canteen is light and friendly and designed to support a family style meal time, with members of staff eating lunch together with the students.  We encourage students to try new foods and take a healthy balance of the foods provided. We also respect the children’s food choices. Through focusing on working towards waste free meals, we encourage students to moderate portion size.

Outdoor spaces

The primary students access 3 levels of outdoor spaces, each of which has a different function. These spaces are the courtyard, basketball court, garden terrace.  Each area is surrounded by trees to provide shelter and a sense of freshness and relaxation.

Break time is held outdoors and students use the courtyard and the basketball court. The courtyard has an outdoor climbing frame and slide as well as outdoor play equipment available for use. 

The garden terrace is a space used as an outdoor classroom, where plants are grown, water projects are held and students can come to find a quiet space to read in.

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